Need a clinic in Vadodara which offers fertility testing?

At Ami Hospital Vadodara We offer Fertility MOT – a way for you to monitor your fertility levels and predict your chances of successful pregnancies in future. Simply call us and refer yourself.

Our Fertility MOT test is designed to show you how fertile you are, and highlight in advance any problems which could make it difficult to conceive naturally. You may not be planning to have children now, but the test will enable you to see if there’s a chance you’ll need fertility treatment or not in future.

It can help you decide how long to delay having a family, and if you know you’ll need help conceiving, you will at least be prepared. If you know you will need help in future, perhaps the test shows your partner has a low sperm count or you have ovulation problems, you may decide to have your family earlier in life to maximise your chances of success.

Fertility MOT involves a series of simple yet thorough tests for both you and your partner. These include ovarian reserve and hormone level tests, pelvic ultrasound scans and semen analysis, carried out by our experienced senior nurses and consultants.

Most couples who undergo a Fertility MOT test have completed it within one menstrual cycle. A full written report and consultation is given to all couples once tests have been completed, with full explanation of the implications of the results. Testing can be done as a couple or individually.