Infertility counselling to be a key element in the provision of infertility services for all patients. We are sensitive to the emotions experienced by the infertile couple and the stress of the treatment itself. Infertility counselling is available to patients at any time.
Implications counselling
Implications counselling provides an emotionally safe place in which to explore what treatment will involve and the lasting implications for you and those close to you. If you are using donated gametes (e.g. donor sperm, eggs or embryos) implications counselling is routine before you start treatment.
Support counselling
Support counselling provides an opportunity for you to explore your feelings, coping strategies and relationship issues (with partners, family, friends and colleagues). You might find that you need support at different stages of treatment, therefore support counselling can be undertaken before, during and after treatment.
Therapeutic counselling
Therapeutic counselling is provided to assist you in acceptance of your situation as well as providing, where required, longer-term support if you find Infertility treatment distressing and in helping accept the consequences of ending treatment and to move on to other options.
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