Hair transplntation specialist Dr. Gunjan Patel performs hair transplantation procedures at his Hair Transplant Clinic in Vadodara, Gujarat. As a specialist with Plastic Surgeon, it is Dr. Gunjan’s constant priority to fully understand each patient’s concerns and spend the appropriate amount of time doing so, in order to properly diagnose each case.

Because there is much discussion and debate about FUE versus FUT or the “strip method”, Dr. Gunjan is careful to go over any details necessary for the patient to make an informed decision during  examinations.

It is important to remember that the number of hair grafts transplanted is based on the density of grafts in the back of the scalp referred to as the “donor area”. This rule of thumb applies to both “FUT” (also called “strip method” or “FUE”). The area to be transplanted is measured and the patient reviews the markings with the technicians.