Different types of procedure used in Care Well to reclaim lost hair:

  • FUE
  • Preventive Hair Loss Techniques
  • Single Pass Technique
  • Quick Grow Protocol

The new techniques which we use to improve the results are following:

  • Using minimal fluid for anesthesia help reduce post operative swelling and facial edema.
  • Using blunt burrs in dissection helps decrease transaction rates.
  • Extraction of follicles is very critical technique and we follow Axis Orientation, Engagement, Advancement and Extraction methodology. To aid in axis orientation we use Magnification of 6X which considerably minimizes improper axis orientation and keep the centre of Burr in alignment with direction of hair follicle.
  • For Engagement the leading edge of instrument perpendicular to skin is must.
  • Advancement is done at slower speed and the burr moves effortlessly.
  • All consideration and precaution is taken when it comes to transactions and Burials
  • Adjustment of the angle of burr, and speed are regulated to reduce graft injury.
  • Proper dissection is indicated by graft elevation by 1-2mm which allows easy and safe extraction of grafts.

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