Ami Hospital-Maternity Home Vadodara is unique since it has a maternity care under the same roof as full-service children’s & Women hospital.

This means an in-house maternal fetal subspecialist, neonatologist and anaesthesiologist, as well as clinical laboratory services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to patients. This ensures the highest quality care for obstetrical and neonatal patients throughout the Vadodara region, and both mom and baby get the specialized care they need.

Maternity Home Vadodara offers leading high-risk prenatal programs which provide constant monitoring of mom and baby, while the baby grows as much as possible in the stable environment of the womb. All women who have had a high-risk pregnancy or are predisposed to one should choose a hospital where their baby’s needs can be met as well as their own.

Ami Hospital Vadodara offers an around the clock high-risk maternal transport program, to ensure that mom and baby can be brought to Maternity Care in Vadodara safely.

Maternity Home & Women’s Hospital Vadodara has a specially designed and staffed maternal transport ambulance equipped for high-risk obstetrical patients that is available 24/7.

Ami Hospital features an OR dedicated exclusively to women. Should delivery be a scheduled or unplanned cesarean, the women’s operating rooms are conveniently located across the hall from Labor & Delivery in Maternity home.