You can’t get pregnant

You want to start treatment at Ami Hospital-Infertility treatment Clinic Vadodara.

Ami Hospital Vadodara, offering a range of fertility and assisted reproduction treatments including IVF, ICSI, egg, embryo and sperm donation, PGD, IUI and micro TESE. One of the most advanced assisted reproduction units in Europe, there are no waiting lists for sperm, egg and embryo donation treatments.

Treatment efficacy – the highest percentage of pregnancies in Vadodara, Gujarat.

Infertility Treatment in Vadodara

The problem of infertility in Vadodara affects a growing number of couples. Unfortunately, a part of them are unaware of their problem. Postponing the commencement of treatment results in significant decrease of the efficacy of applied therapeutic procedures. This is why the early diagnosis and therapy introduced at the proper time is so important for the treatment.

If you want to start treatment at Ami Hospital:

  • Get in touch with the reception desk and make an appointment. Remember that at your first visit you should come with your partner.
  • Our receptionist will answer your questions and concerns, help to select a doctor and suggest the convenient date of the visit.
  • Prior to your visit you will receive the set of information which will help you to prepare for your first visit.
  • During the first meeting the doctor will discuss with you your situation and suggest further steps.